Mushroom Grow Kit



Skill level: Beginner / Easy

The Mushroom Grow Kit is ready to grow. All you need to do is:

  1. Remove the recipe card panel on the back of the box
  2. Cut open the bag inside according to the instruction card
  3. Mist with water 2-3 times per day

Time investment:

  • Ready to grow immediately
  • Monitor daily
  • Spray 2-3 times per day
  • 7-14 days growing time 

The Mushroom Grow Kit doesn't require much attention. Once you've cut open the kit you need to keep up the humidity by misting it daily and checking on it once or twice per day. Most kits will grow mushrooms in 7-14 days but it can take up to 21 days (this is rare). 

Expect to grow: 2 harvests of mushrooms / 150g - 300g 

The first crop will always be the biggest. We've had some customers grow up to 4 flushes of mushrooms from our kits but on average you'll get 2 harvests. Once the kit has run out of nutrients and water it will be "spent" and won't produce any more mushrooms. 


DIY Organic Mushroom Mini Farm



Skill level: Intermediate / More involved

The DIY Organic Mushroom Mini Farm is great for people wanting to delve deeper into mushroom growing. Using the DIY Mini Farm you will learn the process to create your own mushroom grow kits using a reusable mushroom bucket. 

The Mini Farm is more involved than the ready-to-grow mushroom kits and the possibility of error is greater due to starting the process from scratch. The reward however, is knowing how to grow your own oyster mushrooms from start to finish, using ingredients and materials at home. You can become completely self-sufficient in oyster mushroom growing using the method taught in the tutorial video. 

Time investment:

  • 30 mins hands-on preparation time
  • 2 hour wait time
  • 2-3 weeks growing time

The step-by-step video tutorial included with the DIY Mini Farm runs for approximately 20 minutes and will guide you through the process to create your Mini Farm. This process takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and includes some waiting time in between steps. 

Once you've created your Mini Farm it needs to incubate for 2-3 weeks before it will be ready to fruit mushrooms.

Expect to grow: 2 harvests of mushrooms / 100g - 200g 

The first crop will always be the biggest. On average you'll get 2 harvests. The amount of mushrooms is dependent on the dry weight of material used in the bucket.

The difference in the mushroom yield is largely due to the type and mix of substrate used in the Mini Farm.  

Once the mushrooms have consumed the nutrients and water available in the substrate, it will stop producing mushrooms. It's time then to start the process again using your newly acquired knowledge and skills and your reusable mushroom bucket!