If you've purchased the DIY Organic Mushroom Mini Farm please follow the instructions below.

If you've received the Mini Farm as part of the Online Premium Mushroom Masterclass refer to this article instead - How to access the Mini Farm video via the Online Masterclass

1. Open up your Mini Farm bucket to find a card inside

The card will look like this:

2. Go to the link on the card: littleacre.com.au/mfvideo

From this webpage you can choose to follow the link to watch the video tutorial or if you prefer, you can download printable instructions. 



3. Enrol in the Mushroom Mini Farm set up course

Click on Enrol for Free and enter your details. The email and password you use to enrol will become your log in details whenever you need to sign in the the course platform in the future. 



4. Watch the tutorial video

Click on the Mini Mushroom Farm Set Up course and you'll land on the tutorial video. Follow along with Mickey as he takes you through the step-by-step instructions. 



5. Rewatch at any time by logging in via: masterclass.littleacre.com.au/users/sign_in

Use the email address and password you used to create your account as your log in details.