If you selected the "No spawn - coupon code" option at checkout or you've received the Mini Farm as a gift and it doesn't have mushroom spawn inside, you'll need to redeem your mushroom spawn before you'll be able to start assembling your Mini Farm.

1. Open up your Mini Farm bucket to find a card inside

The card will look like this:

2. Go to the link on the card: littleacre.com.au/mfspawn




3. Choose which spawn you'd like to use in your Mini Farm

Select your oyster mushroom spawn by reading the growing conditions and choosing the oyster mushroom species that's best-suited to your climate. 



4. Enter the code on your card at checkout 

At checkout, enter the code you received on your Mini Farm card in the Discount Code field and click Apply. The total will now be $0.00. Complete the shipping details and place your order. 


5. Your Mini Farm mushroom spawn will be sent to you via Australia Post

Once you've completed your order you'll receive a confirmation email from us. We will send your Mini Farm spawn via regular mail so look out for it in your letterbox.