Different mushroom species like to grow in different ways. For example, Oyster mushrooms grow from the side of logs and tree trunks in large clusters whereas Lion's Mane grows in single masses from small openings in tree bark. 

To encourage optimal growth we have different ways to open grow kits depending on the species. 

For Oyster mushrooms we recommend a large X in the centre of the panel and for Lion's Mane we recommend a small X. This will help you to grow one large Lion's Mane instead of lots of fluffy bits which don't have much substance. 

Cutting an 'X' into the bag helps to control humidity, which is a key factor when growing mushrooms. Mushrooms loves high humidity and by cutting an 'X' and spraying within that area, the plastic flaps hold the moisture close to the substrate. This mini micro-climate is perfect for helping mushrooms to fruit.

The plastic also helps protect the substrate from becoming exposed to airborne mould spores which may land and try to grow on the moist substrate.